Are the marshmallows suitable for vegetarians & vegans?

Yes they are!!  No gelatine in my recipe.  Each & every item in the shop has the ingredients listed & it will clearly say if the product contains milk ie, if the product uses milk or white chocolate, or biscuit & will also have suitable for

How long do they keep for?

Like anything freshly made it's always at it's very best sooner rather than later.  The marshmallows will keep for 8 - 12 weeks, sometimes longer as the best before date is a guide.  The marshmallows don't go off but the texture will deteriorate.  I would recommend keeping them in the fridge if you're not planning on eating them straight away.

How should I store the marshmallows?

The marshmallows are sensitive to heat & humidity much the same as chocolate or bread.  Please keep them cool, ideally below 16c.  If you require them to last please keep them in the fridge, making sure the lid is on properly otherwise they will dry out. Please bear in mind that marshmallows are perishable items & must be stored & consumed according to the product information provided on the packaging. Marshmallow Deli cannot be held responsible for items that have not been stored correctly.

Are the marshmallows gluten free?

Yes they are!  All marshmallows gluten free are listed as gluten free.  If it doesn't say gluten free on the item then it isn't & will be in the topping ie biscuit

Are the marshmallows suitable for people with nut allergies?

I'm sorry, no, as I use nuts in other products in my kitchen.

Why isn't the postage cheaper?

Due to a number of 'not received' parcels I unfortunately have no other option, everything I send out has to go Tracked service with Royal Mail.  I do offer first and second class options.

What are the delivery times for my order?

I aim to get orders out as quickly as possible & as a general guide ask you to expect your order within 7 - 10 days.    

If your order is placed during a special offer I would advise allowing up to  28 days for delivery, simply due to the very high volume of orders coming through.  Each & every order is made by hand, in small batches, to order.  

If your order is placed during especially busy seasonal times, ie Christmas, Easter orders will be taking longer to get out.  During these times the contact page is regularly upated with delivery updates.

Please note:  I can not be held responsible for any delays with a third party ie Royal Mail or courier company

I need my order for a birthday present, party, gift.  Can I get it delivered in time?

Please put a note on your order, at the time of ordering, the date you need them delivered by.   I will always try my best to get them to you in time, however kindly bear in mind it isn't guaranteed.  

Marshmallow emergency?

It's always worth getting in touch using the contact form, as I may have what you need in stock ready to go.  If it's ready I'll send it.